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The skills needed to develop brand new clients from prospects, and grow existing clients into larger, more consequential clients are not skills professionals will just stumble into or “learn on the street.” Lawyers, accountants, consultants and other professionals also will not learn them as part of a typical professional development curriculum their firm may offer. Cultivating referral sources, converting prospects into fee paying clients, and expanding a firm’s relevance beyond existing work streams are not the product of serendipity but rather require new skills and strategies, and behavior change.

Edge offers small group business development training programs, including its Rainmaking program, and coaching support for individuals to assist firms that want to invest in their lawyers and put them in a position to support the firm’s growth mission while accelerating their own career development. The approach consists of:

For existing clients that represent untapped potential, Edge will help you design and implement a client team strategy that treats each client as a market in and of itself so that you can make full use of the incumbency you enjoy to solve more problems for these clients. 

Finally, Edge can assist in organizing and managing the business and client development efforts through