Edge International

About Us


The Edge Group was founded in 1983 with the objective of providing expert consulting and advisory services to law firms and other professional services firms through a group of highly qualified practitioners.

The focus of its practice has been law firms and corporate legal departments, but its consultants frequently assist and advise accounting firms, technology companies and other organizations.

 In 2001 it became Edge International to reflect the truly global nature of the practice. We have developed an international presence working with firms and legal departments throughout Canada, the U.S., Latin America, Europe, the Far East, Australasia and Africa.

Law firm clients range from small boutiques to the largest firms in the world, and  Edge International is honored to have served at least one of the top ten firms in over a dozen different countries.

Edge International is acknowledged as a leading consultancy in providing hands-on assistance to practice leaders and the members of their practice groups to accelerate their efforts toward developing higher levels of performance.


  • Our guiding philosophy is “to provide clients with more than they are paying for, more than they expect and more than anyone else would provide under the same circumstances”. We live that philosophy by undertaking whatever is necessary for the complete satisfaction of our clients and providing ongoing support even after the formal assignment has concluded.
  • Engagement acceptance is based on our principle “reputation before revenue”. We only accept projects where we can bring a positive result for the client and are actively involved in implementation – it does our reputation no good to provide clients with extensive reports that remain on the shelf.
  • A mutual commitment exists between us and our clients to be diligent in undertaking and completing all tasks and obligations that each has to contribute to a project. If we believe it does not serve the client’s interests to be investing fees that produce no meaningful results due to a lack of such commitment, we will propose ending the project.