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Because Today’s Competitive Challenges Demand a New Standard of Performance

Historically, as trained professionals, we have been in great awe of those few individuals in the profession who seemed to possess the magical powers to attract and retain clients. Many of us have been under the impression that these abilities must emanate from some secret source of knowledge, accessible only to a select few.

Dozens of articles have been published, but it remains painfully clear that effective business development is not the result of more knowledge. While some are naturally competent at working with clients, most of us must learn those skills. The difficulty with developing these capabilities has been in teaching them in a way that is practical and usable in the normal office setting.

RAINMAKING® is a dramatic departure from conventional approaches, RAINMAKING® develops the specific skills that are needed by professionals throughout the day for effectively handling a variety of client episodes.

The real difference in RAINMAKING® is that it provides a totally new way to teach these critical skills. While existing efforts have been content with simply reading articles or discussing complex theories, they overlook a fundamental fact: we learn by watching good examples, understanding basic steps to follow, practicing the skill, and receiving feedback.

RAINMAKING® doesn’t focus on lectures. Instead, it isolates critical business development and client relations skills and breaks them down into a few key steps.

The result is high-performance “Rainmakers” possessing skills that enable them to approach client interactions with the energy and confidence necessary to be effective. Mastering these skills is a prime determinant of successful performance for professionals and their firms. Those who succeed will thrive. Those who don’t will stagnate.

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