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“In our firm, we bought the RAINMAKING® programs that The Edge Group put out which consists of print materials and videotapes that can be self taught within a group in the law firm. We must have put 40 – 50 people through the course. It is very practically aimed at getting client management skills across to younger lawyers. They know their stuff and the tapes work.”

S. Chester, Partner, McMillan Binch, Lexis Counsel Connect

“As in past years, the RAINMAKING® program, a series of lectures and videotapes offered by Edmonton’s Edge Group, was extremely popular. Firms say they like it because it includes not just lectures or one-on-one sessions with the consultants, but a do-it-yourself program that can be used after the consultants have departed.”

Of Counsel, Aspen Law & Business

“When Baker & McKenzie decided to improve the RAINMAKING® capacity of its lawyers, the firm conducted an exhaustive international search for a program to incorporate into its international network of 1600 lawyers. A quarter-million dollars later, the professional development committee found itself knocking on the doors of The Edge Group.”

The National, Canadian Bar Association

“Chicago managing partner Lloyd Williams employed The Edge Group, as did eight other firms participating in the Of Counsel survey. ‘We selected Edge’s RAINMAKING® program because its questionnaire and planning homework forced us to keep after it’ Williams says, ‘And it’s not a lecture. It makes people participate and perform.”

Of Counsel, Prentice Hall Law & Business

“The essential part of the RAINMAKING® process is allowing participants to observe and demonstrate a diverse set of styles and approaches.”

Lawyering Skills Bulletin, American Bar Association

“The RAINMAKING® course was discovered by Bradley Brown, Speechly Bircham’s marketing partner during a trip to North America. McLaren, the firm’s training director, has been particularly pleased with the enthusiasm shown by the equity partners group. ‘Because of their experience, because they have been in the front line with clients, they can actually relate to the RAINMAKING® course materials’, she explains, ‘they can say something has worked and explain why. If I have to cancel a session for any reason, they really get upset.’ There is evidence that attitudes are indeed changing.”

RAINMAKING® In EC4, Practice Marketing, U.K.

“The most popular curriculum among the U.S. firms surveyed was The Edge Group’s RAINMAKING® program.”

Of Counsel, Prentice Hall Law & Business

Marketing director Pam Cone conducts her own bimonthly training sessions. Ms. Cone says the key to success with this program is adapting it to the specific needs and experiences of your attorneys. When asked how the program is working, she says a senior associate called to report that ‘this stuff works!'”

Marketing for Lawyers, Leader Publications

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