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  • ProfitMotive®

    In his groundbreaking research called Practice What You Preach, Dr. David H. Maister studied 139 professional firms in 15 countries to discover the attitudes that make some firms more profitable than others. He found a direct correlation between profitability and certain identifiable attitudes of the organization including its employees. We can help you compare the same identifiable attitudes in your firm with the original study to help you identify areas where your smallest efforts to modify those attitudes in your firm can have the biggest positive impact on your profitability.

  • RainMaking®

    Historically, as trained professionals, we have been in great awe of those few individuals in the profession who seemed to possess the magical powers to attract and retain clients. Many of us have been under the impression that these abilities must emanate from some secret source of knowledge, accessible only to a select few. We have helped hundreds of law firms around the world use this program to dramatically enhance the skill levels of those seeking to attract and retain clients. We can offer remote training to your firm or alternatively train your own internal mid-level associate facilitators to conduct the program extremely effectively.

  • Bullet-Proofing®

    “Existing clients are a good firm’s most important resource. Declining client loyalties and the trend towards consolidating of professional service providers make it more important each day to protect existing clients from competitors.”

  • Law Firm Cultural Assessment

    As in all professional service businesses, the interrelationships among people working together in a law firm and the nature of how those people relate to their firm as an institution, differs dramatically among firms. These differences define and influence every aspect of law firms’ operations, reputations and financial success. The details of these interrelationships represent the organization’s culture.