Edge International

People of Edge

Our core team is hands-on in managing engagements. All have practical business experience, and a track record for delivering useful, high-impact services to the legal and other professions.

Gerry Riskin

Gerry Riskin Founding Principal and Chairman Working Globally

Nick Jarrett-Kerr

Nick Jarrett-Kerr United Kingdom

Bithika Anand

Bithika Anand India

David Cruickshank

David Cruickshank North America

Mike White

Mike White North America

Yarman J Vachha

Yarman J Vachha Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur

Leon Sacks

Leon Sacks The Americas

Jonathan Middleburgh

Jonathan Middleburgh UK / Global

Chris Bull

Chris Bull UK / Global

Susan Slifer

Susan Slifer North America

Joel Barolsky

Joel Barolsky Australasia

Vikki Bentwood

Vikki Bentwood UK / Global