Edge International

People of Edge

Our core team is hands-on in managing engagements. All have practical business experience, and a track record for delivering useful, high-impact services to the legal and other professions.

Gerry Riskin

Gerry Riskin Founding Principal and Chairman Working Globally

Nick Jarrett-Kerr

Nick Jarrett-Kerr United Kingdom

Bithika Anand

Bithika Anand India

David Cruickshank

David Cruickshank North America

Mike White

Mike White North America

Yarman J Vachha

Yarman J Vachha Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur

Leon Sacks

Leon Sacks The Americas

Jonathan Middleburgh

Jonathan Middleburgh United Kingdom

Chris Bull

Chris Bull United Kingdom

Susan Slifer

Susan Slifer North America

Joel Barolsky

Joel Barolsky Australasia