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Crisis Management & Business Continuity

While organizations often have contingency plans for specific events or occurrences, such as fires and loss of files, they are generally ill-prepared to deal with major crises that impact their business as a whole and arrive unexpectedly. Such crises may have external causes – such as the Coronavirus pandemic and the 2008 financial crisis – or originate from within – such as malpractice or financial duress.

When the crisis hits, and a rapid response is required, organizations, and particularly leadership, must be in a position to react in a mindful way and devise solutions as they go. There will not be pre-determined responses given the uncertainties in these situations.

Edge consultants, who have hands-on experience of handling crises around the world, can assist clients to address the following aspects, amongst others:

We evaluate alternative solutions, consult on revision of business processes, provide advice on best practices and partner with clients in implementation, including the training of professionals.