I work with leadership to build fundamental strength, confidence and well-being.

I help ensure all important building blocks (for instance around governance, people, leadership, core purpose, partnership matters, structuring and brand) are in order, then assist leadership to develop relevant creative strategies to achieve growth, dominance and strategic market positions. This often involves developing support strategies around people, finance, brand and client positioning as well as aligning and stress-testing strategy.

Having undertaken managing partner and CEO leadership roles in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa over twenty years I am particularly focused on helping firms achieve implementation and actual results, which invariably means improved profitability.

In these leadership roles and in my consulting practice I try to bring an innovative approach to leadership and management – to the development and implementation of strategy or organisational review, growth and development. I endeavour to facilitate new ways of getting things done which get results. Most of these approaches are practical, simple to understand (and therefore quickly get traction) and once implemented, create unique differentiation.

Some examples include my ‘Responsible Partner®’; Brand Fusion™, Business Building Culture™, CReMP™,  Partner Snapshot™ and Capital Fabric™ programs and philosophies.

‘Sean’s appointment was ground-breaking. There is no doubt it was a turning point for the firm. His years with the firm were of critical importance in building strong foundations for the success the firm enjoys today. The fact that we are also a happy and motivated group of professionals is no small measure a tribute to his innovative thinking and skilful leadership and management at the time’

Formerly a corporate/tax lawyer I am an experienced conference and retreat presenter and facilitator. As an Accredited Practitioner of Human Synergistics International (www.human-synergistics.com.au ) and a certified Master Coach I am able to bring the benefits of these learnings and experience to assignments. This runs into leader, group and organisational behavioural and cultural diagnostics and coaching and is sometimes a critical adjunct to strategy implementation. I have a keen interest in ensuring firms realise and understand one of their most under-utilised assets, namely their brand (in all its forms) and recently published Brand Strategy & Management for Law firms (http://www.managingpartner.com/bookshop/brand-strategy-and-management-law-firms)

‘Sean transformed our firm from a sleeping giant, resting complacently on its laurels, into a dynamic partnership. All of this added up to a very significant shift forward for the firm which undoubtedly set us on the path to become our country’s leading law firm’

I live on the east coast of Australia with my wife Sharon, where we are often joined by our three children, who share our passion for the outdoors. I am a keen surfer, saltwater fly fisherman, bird-watcher, hiker, sea-kayaker and have a Master’s degree in photography.


Brand Strategy and Management for Law Firms

larkan-brandstrategy The success or failure of your firm is determined by how your clients and employees view your brand – simple. An effective brand strategy that is clearly understood and supported throughout your firm is crucial if you want to attract and retain profitable clients and sustain a talented workforce. Managing Partner’s Brand Strategy and Management for Law Firms report provides a comprehensive framework and guidelines for developing a brand strategy tailored to your firm. Packed with key concepts, practical tools, tips and advice this report will give you an understanding of brand and how it can be developed and strengthened as your firm’s most invaluable asset. Specifically, this report will help you to:

  • Understand the key elements of personal brands, firm brand, and the employment brand – and how they relate to each other;
  • Align your brand strategy with your overall firm strategy, vision and values;
  • Realise the importance of brand names, icons or logos, design and aesthetics;
  • Understand the key brand considerations when using online channels – websites, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook;
  • Create a customised brand stress-test and make improvements to strengthen your firm’s brand accordingly and ensure its success;
  • Get partners and staff on board to support and grow your brand; and
  • Avoid brand mistakes and overcome the common challenges – including recommended steps for managing your brand before, during and following a merger.

Brand Strategy and Management for Law Firms features insightful case studies, examples and expert contributions from the likes of Norton Rose South Africa, DLA Phillips Fox, Lex MundiLexAfrica and more… They reveal practical tips, lessons learned and mistakes made that will prove invaluable in the development and management of your own brand strategy. Author: Sean Larkan Price: £295 (£7.50 p&p) Availability: Currently Available Purchase your book today!