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David Cruickshank

North America

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He advises law firms and legal services organizations on strategy, governance, leadership development and talent retention strategies. He works with managing partners, professional development directors and partners, and hiring partners to strengthen the leadership and lawyering skills of their members at all levels. David creates customized programs on leadership, time management, project management, delegation, feedback and supervision skills.

In recent years, David has written and advised extensively on revising compensation systems in law firms and aligning them with strategy.  Clients in Brazil, Canada and the U.S. have been guided by him in reviewing their compensation options.  Other focus areas include advising on law firm advancement pathways, evaluations and promotion.

David has also worked on partner development and run leadership retreats in AmLaw top 50 firms. He has designed customized partner-level management skills courses for many AmLaw 200 firms.

In relation to Edge Client services, David’s primary work is in:

  • Effective Positioning: Strategy and Structure
  • High Performing and Motivated People:  Managing Compensating and Promoting People

He has worked as a training consultant in top firms in Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil and the United States since 1990. He is well known academically in the field of legal skills education.  His academic posts have included professor or visiting professor posts at the universities of British Columbia, Calgary, Hong Kong Polytechnic, Bristol and Pepperdine.

David has “big law” experience as a full-time Director of Professional Development, first at Gowling WLG, the Canadian-based international firm, then at Paul Weiss in New York City.  At both firms he was involved in law firm operations and strategy implementation at fast-growing organizations.

He has a master’s degree in law from Harvard Law School. His law degree and B.A. were earned at the University of Western Ontario. David is based in San Diego CA.