As circumstances have forced many or our clients around the world to work remotely, they are striving to:

  • maintain their financial viability
  • protect existing relationships
  • take care of staff and vendors
  • maintain effectiveness at marketing and business development
  • preserve quality – standards of excellence
  • engender high satisfaction levels
  • adhere to the firm’s culture and values
  • foster peak performance from all their people
  • analyze short-term viability of specific practice areas
  • maintain the highest level of esprit de corps

To achieve these objectives, and make remote working more effective, Edge assists its clients by addressing the following:

  • Level of transition – jobs/responsibilities that should be transitioned
  • Technology – capacity and communication platforms (beyond email)
  • Internal and external communications
    • adopting the right tone, care guidelines and protocols
    • listening to clients and staff to monitor satisfaction,
    • understanding special needs of virtual working and
    • anticipating issues (surveys can be useful here)
  • Leadership
    • defining responsibilities and what needs to be delegated
    • developing communication plans (content, frequency, mode)
    • focusing on:
      • frequent check-ins with groups/individuals
      • setting the right tone and being empathetic
      • maintaining awareness of values
      • mentoring/teaching people on how to operate
    • Training for virtual working
      • leadership training
      • technical training
      • communicating virtually and role modeling
      • maintaining efficiency in a virtual environment
      • dealing with home office issues

We evaluate alternative solutions, consult on revision of business processes, provide advice on best practices and partner with clients in implementation, including the training of professionals.

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