Business DevelopmentLearn More

Traditionally, with the exception of a few natural and gifted “rainmakers,” law firms and lawyers have approached marketing and business development with fear and loathing.

Financial ManagementLearn More

Superior Financial Performance is the result of hard work and dedication to all aspects of a firm’s intellectual capital base and its strategy. Financial analysis is therefore at the heart of everything we do for firms in our consulting work.

GovernanceLearn More

The backbone of every law firm is its governance structure. The relationship among partners, the manner in which partners are made and the conditions under which they are removed, the sub-organizations through which the firm operates, and the process through which a firm develops and maintains its intellectual capital, all make up the governance of a law firm.

Law DepartmentsLearn More

Clients increasingly are turning to Requests for Proposal (RFPs) as their vehicle for selecting outside counsel, both for individual engagements and for entire tranches of work.

Leadership and Partner PerformanceLearn More

Law firms have not always recognised the correlation between leadership in various parts of a firm and overall organisational success. This has changed – successful firms have learned the benefit of a focus on leadership at both the top levels of the organisation and in various roles below that.

Legal AssessmentLearn More

Edge International has the capability to conduct comprehensive assessments of individuals, groups, teams or entire organizations. Depending on the situation, our approach can combine a variety of sophisticated information-gathering methods, including personal interviews, standardized personality assessment instruments, multi-rater inventories (“360 assessments”) to get objective feedback from colleagues, or other forms of information-gathering.

Legal Project ManagementLearn More

Legal Project Management is the way effective lawyers work, but in a more systematic and well-articulated way.

Mergers and AffiliationsLearn More

As the legal industry matures, individual law firms are considering structural options to increase the depth and breadth of their practices and assure the stability of their organization. For many firms this involves some form of consolidation or cooperative arrangement with another law firm.

People, Training and CoachingLearn More

Our consultants support the strategy of our law firm clients with programs and coaching for partner development, associate development and leadership development. We also consult on lateral partner integration, both with existing teams integration and personal business development plans.

Pricing and RFPsLearn More

Pricing & Alternative Fee Arrangements In today’s cost-driven legal environment, almost all clients are demanding approaches to pricing […]

Professional Development CoachingLearn More

Edge International’s consultants include Certified Master Coaches (CMCs) experienced in providing coaching to individuals to support a variety of objectives.

StrategyLearn More

If there is a unifying theme to Edge International, it is that most of our engagements have strategic overtones. That is, we work with clients to achieve objectives that have an important impact on the firm’s growth, profitability, market positioning or service offerings.