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Sean Larkan

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Office: 61.40.8844.208
Mobile: 61.2.6566.1806

Sean is a consultant to law firms and other professional service firms with a principal focus on Australasia, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. 

 Sean brings to his consulting work direct experience of leading and transforming leading firms in managing partner and CEO roles in three international jurisdictions - Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

'Sean's appointment was groundbreaking. There is no doubt it was a turning point for the firm. Ahead of his time, he recognised that law firms were businesses and must be run as such, but, at the same time, continue to be totally professional and, importantly, collegial. He played a major role in making this happen for the firm. His years with the firm were of critical importance in building strong foundations for the success the firm enjoys today. The fact that we are also a happy and motivated group of professionals is no small measure a tribute to his innovative thinking and skillful leadership and management at the time'

He is a former corporate/tax lawyer and is an experienced conference and retreat presenter and facilitator.

In his consulting work Sean focuses on helping firms to achieve growth , build their capital fabric (people, clients, financials, systems) and bring about fundamental leadership, management and partner behavioural change.

For the past four years he has successfully applied this experience to his fast-growing and diverse consulting practice.

'Sean transformed our firm from a sleeping giant, resting complacently on its laurels, into a dynamic partnership'

In his leadership roles and consulting practice Sean brings an innovative approach to leadership and management - to the development and implementation of strategy or organisational review, growth and development. He facilitates effective new ways of  getting things done which work in practice. These approaches are practical, simple to understand (and therefore quickly get traction) and once implemented, create unique differentiation.

Some examples include his ‘Responsible Partner®’; Brand Fusion™, Business Building Culture™, CReMP™,  Partner Snapshot™ and Capital Fabric™ programs and philosophies.

'he steadily improved all aspects of leadership and management and our practice. All of this added up to a very significant shift forward for the firm which undoubtedly set us on the path to become our country's leading law firm'

'we felt it was time to get someone in to undertake a thorough review, someone with experience managing and leading successful legal firms. We asked Sean to tell us what he thought we should do to improve the way we run our firm. His brief was as broad as that. He came highly recommended, and lived up to the recommendation. While he felt we had achieved a great deal, he quickly pinpointed the areas needing most attention. Some of these we were able to implement immediately, with impact. He made concrete recommendations on the important issues and gave us options. Most important of all he gave us a way to tackle the difficult issue of implementation, and continues to monitor this with our leadership team. While we have accepted all the recommendations, realistically it will take some time for us to implement them. Those that have already been implemented have proved to be worthwhile and what is gratifying is that what has flowed from this is completely in tune with our agreed 'Firm of Choice' vision, and what we feel is our culture. As a firm, we are scoring runs.'

As an Accredited Practitioner of Human Synergistics International (www.human-synergistics.com.au ) Sean undertakes individual, leader, group and organisational behavioural and cultural diagnostics and coaching.  

Sean lives on the east coast of Australia with his wife, where they are often joined by their three children. He is a keen surfer, saltwater fly fisherman, sea-kayaker and has a Masters degree in photography.