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Nick Jarrett-Kerr

Nick Jarrett-Kerr LL.B is a specialist adviser to law firms world-wide on issues of strategy, governance and leadership development as well as all important business issues facing law firms as they compete in difficult market conditions. In the last nine years, Nick has established himself as one of the leading UK and international advisers to law firms. He was a founder member of the (England & Wales) Law Society's Law Management Section and served as its Chairman for two years. He is also a member of the UK Association of Partnership Practitioners.

He is a regular writer and speaker on management and leadership topics with an emphasis on strategic and business planning, as well as issues of governance and structure, partner compensation and strategy execution. He also has a particular interest in management/leadership development, financial management, partnership performance criteria and partner development. He regularly leads or facilitates retreats, partner conferences, practice group retreats and away days. Prior to becoming a consultant, Nick (who is a solicitor by training) was for eight years the Chief Executive Partner of Bevan Ashford, a leading regional firm in Great Britain, during a period of enormous growth starting in the depths of the 1989-1992 recession.

In the last five years, he has consulted to firms in fifteen different countries on three different continents

Nick is the author of Law Firm Strategy - After the Legal Services Act published in November 2009 (Law Society Publishing). He is also currently writing a book on Strategy Execution in law firms. He is joint author of the Managing Partner Best Practice Report on Financial Management in Law Firms. Nick is Visiting Professor at Nottingham Trent University where he leads the strategy modules for the Nottingham Law School MBA strategy modules..