I have served the Australasian legal profession since 1989.  I have been a director of FMRC for 20 years.  During this time I have assisted many firms with myriad management challenges.  I assist firms with strategy and profit growth, partner/director management and profit sharing, key talent management, management structures and succession management.  I conduct law firm planning retreats regularly, assisting law firms to plan for and achieve greater success. I assists large and small, private, corporate and government legal organisations to function optimally.

I have been measuring Australasian law firms for many years. We gather and analyse data across a wide range of metrics including price, lawyer productivity, and the drivers of law firm profit. I direct this research and provide strategic analysis for many leading firms.

I present in FMRC workshops and regularly present key note addresses at management forums throughout Australia and New Zealand.  He has degrees in Economics and Financial Management and a doctorate in Business Administration.

Neil’s day to day involvement with the legal profession includes:

  • Measurement and maintenance of performance through comparative analysis benchmarking
  • Profit improvement
  • Presenting key note presentations
  • Conducting strategic reviews of law firms, in house legal departments and public sector law offices
  • Assisting partnerships to function well
  • Assisting firms to manage staff and partner performance
  • Assisting firms with various partnership management challenges
  • Ascertaining and Implementing strategy focussed partner profit sharing arrangements
  • Practice management training and development for partners
  • Managing partner coaching and support
  • Merger introductions

Our office is located in central Sydney but I live on the mid north coast of NSW near the small coastal town of Scott’s Head. I enjoy all of the pleasures of coastal life. I have a large garden in which I try to grow vegetables organically, battling every bug in Christendom. My interests include art, cooking, eating and the odd glass of wine.