Edge International


2022 has been a vintage year for Edge International

2022 was a very good year for Edge International for many reasons but clearly the highlights included the addition from Australia and the USA of two of the most amazing professionals to add to our global team of Principals.

Susan Slifer has worked within the marketing departments in three of the worlds top branded law firms, and now joins us in applying her amazing knowledge and experience to our clients globally. In addition to being a powerful force and helping our clients prosper, she is also a person of inspirational character and charm.  Susan’s clients feel privileged to work with her.

In the same year, we have had the very good fortune of being joined by Joel Barolsky to whom so many Australasian Managing Partners and Firm Leaders look to for strategic guidance, facilitation, advice, and wisdom.  Joel’s gifts of diplomacy and grace make his managing partner round tables extremely popular and sustainable.

It is a profound privilege for us to collaborate together globally to help you, our clients, achieve unparalleled success.

On behalf of all the Principals of Edge International

Gerry Riskin, Chairman

Gerry Riskin

specializes in counseling law firm leaders on issues relating to the evolution of the structure and management of their law firms and the architecture of competitive strategies.  He has served hundreds of law firm clients around the globe from small boutiques to mega firms including working with the largest law firms in the world.  Gerry is still a Canadian but has resided on the Caribbean Island of Anguilla, British West Indies for more than 25 years.

Email Gerry at [email protected] or text or call him at +1 (202) 957-6717