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Are You Driving your Bus?

By Shirley Anne Fortina

You are a walking / talking brand! The way you dress, the way you communicate (both in person […]

In Defence of Holidays

By Neil Oakes

I’m on holiday. On vacation (Verb and Noun; fixed period of cessation from work), not doing work stuff, […]

Bias and Recall in Associate Evaluations

By David Cruickshank

The first quarter of the year is the season of verbal evaluations for associates in many law firms. […]

Remodelling Change Projects

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr

A couple of years ago, I proposed a three-stage programme designed to revive stalled strategic projects  – repainting […]

Three ways to revive difficult strategic projects

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr

Many law firms of a reasonable size may well have conducted some form of strategy review within the […]

Establishing the Proof of Concept for Legal Project Management

By Aileen Leventon

Law firms consider using Legal Project Management (LPM) as a strategy to protect margins and improve competitiveness and […]

Don’t Manage Expectations. Modify Expectations

By Gerry Riskin

The conventional wisdom about “managing expectations” is that you should determine what someone’s expectations are, and then surpass […]

The More Things Change…

By Sean Larkan

Observations on 30 years in the legal profession As I enjoyed a break in the New England mountains of […]

Build Conversational Momentum to Set the Table for the Pitch

By Mike White

To their credit, lawyers are results-oriented professionals. When we practice our craft, we think in terms of objectives, […]

Talent Retention: A Big Conundrum

By Bithika Anand

With the rise of the new East, emerging economies of Asia are undergoing a tremendous transformation. With the […]