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India Proposes To Open Arms to the Global Legal Profession

By Bithika Anand

India is finally gearing up to permit foreign law firms to conduct business within its borders. As Edge […]

Important alert regarding India

By Gerry Riskin

For decades, I have spoken about India with the senior leaders of major law firms around the world. […]

Strategy on the Back of an Envelope

By Neil Oakes

I’ve just participated in a two-week charity fundraising event, driving 40-year-old cars 5000 kilometres through the Australian outback […]

Why Codes Matter: A Simple Tool with Many Uses

By Aileen Leventon

Any serious attempt to ensure efficiency in legal services requires analysis of reliable data. Efficiency is a big, […]

Partner Performance and Compensation

By David Cruickshank

  Three years ago in Communiqué, I wrote a two-part article on “Collaboration and Compensation.” Part I appeared in […]

Mike White, ADVOC Conference, November 2 – 5, 2017, Jaipur, India

By Gerry Riskin

Building a “Team of Teams” and other Forms of Client Experience Innovation

Aileen Leventon, ELM User Conference, September 13, 2017, Orlando, FLA

By Gerry Riskin

Data Analytics, Metrics and Performance Measurement — For registration info, click on green arrow then on REGISTER HERE […]

The Swiss Verein – Time for a Closer Look

By Sean Larkan

  The Swiss Verein structure, so commonly used between firms that align within countries, or between countries, has […]

The Cultural Lenses through which We Examine Law Firms

By Gerry Riskin

Cultural differences define and influence every aspect of law firms’ operations, reputations and financial success. Describing a law […]

Business Development: An Introduction to the 2-4-8 Model, Revenue Gaps, and the Relationship Bell Curve

By Shirley Anne Fortina

The 2-4-8 Model This model compares revenue against time allocation, helping us to make informed decisions around clients, […]