Financial Management

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The “Cheap Grace” of Compensation Systems

By Mike White

I’m always impressed with how much time many of my clients spend wrestling with their compensation systems. The […]


By Gerry Riskin

By Gerry Riskin A mini case study about positive change… Many of our clients strive to build on […]

Forget About Revenue

By Gerry Riskin

By Gerry Riskin Profits are a better way to measure a law firm’s financial health. This article explores […]

Partner Compensation Systems in Professional Service Firms Part I

By Edge International

by Michael J. Anderson Before you overhaul your firm’s compensation system, consider this analysis of the strengths and […]

New Competition Requires Fundamental Readjustments

By Edge International

Compensating Practice Team Leaders… The following has been reprinted with permission from Of Counsel, The Legal and Practice […]

Appraisals Revisited

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr

Published in: Professional HR, September/October 2006. This article is reprinted with kind permission from the original publishers. © […]

Compensation and Remuneration Revisited

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr

Compensation and Remuneration Revisited1 by Nick Jarrett-Kerr Clarifying and Defining What the Firm Expects of its Partners Before […]

Creating and Rewarding Profitable Performance

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr

The Links Between the Success of the Firm and Individual Partner Contribution and Reward by Nick Jarrett-Kerr Published […]

How Partner Compensation Can Support Strategic Goals and Economic Objectives

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr

by Nick Jarrett-Kerr For many firms, partner compensation has long been managed in isolation from their overall business […]

Valuing and Judging Partners – Beyond the Elephant Test!

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr

by Nick Jarrett-Kerr We tend to make informal value judgements all the time about our partners and potential […]