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Do You Understand your Firm’s DNA? What Are the Good and the Bad Bits?

By Sean Larkan | Oct 28, 2018

The DNA acronym is sometimes used with reference to the inherent characteristics of a firm or a part […]

Characteristics of Winning Small Firms

By Neil Oakes | Oct 28, 2018

It was my recent pleasure to attend the annual conference of a group of affiliated small firms that […]

Law Firm Mergers: Why and How?

By Sam Coupland | Oct 28, 2018

In March this year, I wrote an article citing the large number of mergers in the Australian and New […]

November 5th, Brisbane, QLD, Novermber 7th Sydney, NSW and November 9th Melbourne, VIC 2018- FMRC Workshops on Legal Project Management- Aileen Leventon

By Gerry Riskin | Sep 24, 2018

Sign up at: https://www.fmrc.com.au/events/category/legal-project-management/

Edge International to Offer LPM Workshops in Australia

By Aileen Leventon | Sep 25, 2018

Of the thousands of effective lawyers who use legal project management (LPM) to improve their practices, many have […]

When the Monkeys Run the Zoo

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr | Sep 22, 2018

In running any business, reaching wise and sensible decisions is never easy. And in competitive markets, many who […]

Strategy Day

By David Cruickshank | Sep 22, 2018

Like any well-managed law firm, you have a strategy. It was written after a lengthy process, perhaps assisted […]

Managing and Growing a Law Firm, Part 3

By Yarman J Vachha | Aug 26, 2018

In this final article in the series of three, I highlight the legal scene in Asia, the changes […]

One of the Most Important Discussions Law Firm Leaders Will Have: Welcoming New Associates or Graduate Lawyers to the Firm

By Sean Larkan | Aug 26, 2018

New associates or graduate lawyers follow a long and mostly arduous path through the university and local law […]

World’s Wealthiest Man, Jeff Bezos, Says Customers Today Are “Divinely Discontent”

By Gerry Riskin | Aug 26, 2018

I read with great interest Jeff Bezos’s 2017 letter to Amazon shareholders. I believe we can learn a […]