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Why Should Law Firms Consider Appointing a Board Advisor?

By Leon Sacks | Mar 23, 2022

Exploring the value of the appointment of a “Board Advisor” whose role is to provide expert support and advice to the governing board, without the firm releasing ‘power’ to an outsider.

March 23, 2022: Gerry Riskin, Maximizing Relationship Intelligence: The Evolution of the Pursuit of New Business

By Edge International | Mar 6, 2022

Round Table including Edge Principal Gerry Riskin. Key Topics Addressed: State of the sales process Getting the most […]

Avoiding Law Firm Armageddon: The Sequel … Two Strikes And You’re Out

By Jonathan Middleburgh | Mar 2, 2022

Once broken, trust between partners is extremely difficult to rebuild.  A successful mediation of a conflict between partners can only ever be the first stage of the rebuilding of that trust – and, as with any relationship, the key players need to continue working on the relationship.

Your Firm Could be a “Go Firm”. Make it a “Stay Firm”

By David Cruickshank | Feb 15, 2022

The talent market for associates is red-hot.  We’re seeing record departures and stories of signing bonuses for second-year associates and clerks.  Instead of gearing up your recruiting to fill departures, you may want to examine the ways that associates will make your firm a “Stay Firm”, not a “Go Firm”.

Why is Law Firm Strategy So Hard?

By Mike White | Feb 1, 2022

How can law firms pick the right spots? How can they transform their business model and service delivery in intelligent ways without getting out over their skis?

Diffusing Conflict: Taming the Insensitive Partner

By Jonathan Middleburgh | Dec 7, 2021

This is the case of the insensitive lawyer, or the lawyer who is somewhat lacking in emotional intelligence, and who ruffles feathers or, worse, causes more serious distress to his or her colleagues.

5 Questions About Your Path to Partnership

By David Cruickshank | Nov 16, 2021

One of your high-performing associates is about to enter her fifth year at the firm.  She has asked for a meeting to discuss the firm’s path to partnership.  Your partners recently had a meeting about “keeping the keepers” so you want to be ready.  Here are five questions you may have to answer.

September 17th 2021: Gerry Riskin, Second Virtually Together Conference, OECS (Caribbean) Bar Association

By Edge International | Aug 26, 2021

Under The Theme “Redefine. Reshape. Restructure,” Gerry Riskin will present on: RETOOLING TO SURVIVE IN THE 2020s: Essentials […]

Why Partner Integration Should Be On Your Agenda

By Leon Sacks | Aug 6, 2021

Partner integration signifies that partners are working, both individually and as a group, in a manner that optimizes firm performance and is in consonance with their expectations.

How Can You Reach and Recruit Diverse Lawyers?

By Mike White | Jul 6, 2021

Why can’t firms win more than their fair share of recruiting battles for diverse lawyers, and why is this important? For one thing, culture matters to all lawyers- both diverse and non-diverse lawyers. Lawyers want to work in eclectic, stimulating environments. Non-diverse lawyers are a flight risk if they are denied the affirming experience of working with colleagues who represent true diversity. Moreover of course, corporate law departments for some of the same reasons want to work with a more diverse stable of providers and advisers.