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November 10, 2020: Chris Bull, Chair – The Legal COO Network

LegalTech: Bristol’s next global tech success story
For regional legal technology companies & consultants only
Online from the UK Tuesday, 10 November 2020
16:00 PM – 18:00 PM UK time

LegalTech is a fast growing market encompassing a wide range of technologies that accelerate, automate, streamline all types of legal process; adding value, reducing costs and opening up access. The West of England is one of the global city regions blazing a trail in LegalTech and an in-depth research report has been commissioned to analyse where we are today. Whether you’re already inside the LegalTech community or know nothing about it but want to know how you could get involved in this dynamic sector, come along to hear more about progress and for a world exclusive pre-publication insight into some of the headlines from that research.