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Staying power: A legal project management update

Legal project management has been an unqualified success for many major law firms that have adopted it — but only because they have supported it from the top, built programs from the ground up, and stayed relentlessly focused on practical, real-world, lawyer-first training. Here are LPM success stories from across the United States.

Yes, but will it last? Yes, but will it work in the long run? These are the questions swirling over the head of the Legal Project Management (LPM) revolution.

LPM has emerged from its infancy and begun to both mature and move in new directions. Originally driven by the efforts of large law firms to satisfy major clients’ demands for greater predictability, efficiency, and budgetary control, LPM now is evolving into new forms appropriate for smaller firms and a broader variety of clients, while continuing as a powerful tool in high-ticket U.S. and E.U. legal arenas.