Edge International

Latest Market Research 2007 marks Edge’s 25th year Serving law firms internationally

In discussing internally, what we might do to celebrate this event, we were reminded of a market survey conducted five years earlier, by the folks at the prestigious Of Counselnewsletter in New York. That survey identified Edge as one of the top three consulting firms serving the profession. It occurred to us that we might want to replicate that same survey to see how things had changed during the past five years.

Upon the recommendation of one of our partners, we commissioned an independent research firm to conduct the study. The researcher’s mandate was to conduct in-person telephone interviews with the Managing Partner, Firm Chair or equivalent (referral from such person to a specific partner) at law firms headquartered in the U.S. and having more than 100 attorneys. We had the research company randomly select (over 100 lawyer) law firms segmented by:

The ‘factual’ scenario the research company presented to the interviewee was that they represented a large international consulting firm seeking to better understand the U.S. legal market for consulting services.

The interview was comprised of a brief number of questions designed to measure comparative top of mind identification of “the best” management consultants for law firms. Firm leaders were asked to name leading consultants for law firms and their personal perceptions of those management consulting firms.

We also had the researchers ask the best means for law firm management consultants to create professional impression with targets and which specific written magazines and other sources are most commonly accessed by firm leaders for leadership development.