Edge International

Accelerating upwards!

By Gerry Riskin

Welcome to our second Edge International Review for 2010. We are so excited to begin with articles by the newest members of our team: Pam Woldow and Doug Richardson (both lawyers and extraordinary senior consultants joining us from Altman Weil) and John Plank (the finest presentation coach to lawyers and TV personalities in the world). Check out their stellar biographies at www.edge-international.com.

These key additions reinforce our growing reputation as the leading international consultancy for law firms. It is an amazing privilege for us at Edge to serve our firm clients globally. Just as you experience in the practice of law, we continually learn and gain insights through serving some of the finest lawyers and law firms in the legal marketplace.

In this issue, you’ll find articles relating to legal project management, collaboration within law firms, pricing tactics, fast-track strategies, engaging presentations, marketing and branding with an Indian flavor, and a unique and thought-provoking item on what lawyers can learn from, of all things, pencils. Your candid feedback is always welcome, as are your suggestions for future topics and themes of interest.

You will find an electronic copy of this and previous editions of the Edge International Review on our website. You are welcome to download and share full editions or individual articles among the members of your firm. Enjoy!