Our Values

  • Our guiding philosophy is "to provide clients with more than they are paying for, more than they expect and more than anyone else would provide under the same circumstances." We live that philosophy by extending to you our "satisfaction guarantee" that allows you to always measure whether our fees match the results being achieved, and by our very serious undertaking to provide ongoing support even after the formal assignment has concluded.

  • Edge International's work is unconditionally guaranteed to the complete satisfaction of the client. If the client is not completely satisfied with the services provided by Edge International at any stage of this engagement, we will, at the client's option, either completely waive our professional fees or accept a portion of those fees that reflects the level of satisfaction.

  • Engagement acceptance is based on our principle, "Reputation before revenue." Our criteria is whether our efforts will bring a positive result for the client. For this reason we only accept projects where we are actively involved in implementation. It does our reputation no good to give clients massive written reports that end up on a dusty book shelf.

  • We price our services on a fixed fees basis. The risk of inefficiency should always belong to us.

  • A mutual commitment exists between us and our clients. During the assignment, we will have various tasks and projects that it makes sense for us to undertake on the client's behalf, even if they are not specifically enumerated in the engagement proposal. We will complete those on time and to the very best of our abilities. Typically, our clients also have various assignments that they will have agreed to undertake. We expect those obligations to be completed with the same diligence as we bring to the project or we are forced to "fire the client" and end the engagement. While that may sound presumptuous, we believe it does not serve the client's interests to be investing fees that produce no meaningful results.

  • Absolute confidentiality is inherent in all engagements. We will not disclose any information relevant to the nature of client relationships, the specific work undertaken, or any information obtained either during or after the completion of this assignment as a result of our involvement.