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Edge International Welcomes Shirley Anne Fortina


Shirley Anne Fortina

Edge International is very pleased to welcome Shirley Anne Fortina as our newest principal. Based in Perth, Western Australia, Shirley Anne joins our other Australasian principals – Sean Larkan, Neil Oakes and Sam Coupland – to further extend Edge International’s legal-services consulting reach in the southern hemisphere.

Shirley Anne Fortina began her professional career in South Africa, where she was born and educated. Fourteen years ago, after working for several years in the UK, she and her husband moved to Western Australia. Director of the POD Consultancy PTY Ltd., Shirley Anne’s workshops, presentations, programs and coaching focus on a wide range of areas including strategic and business-development planning and implementation, women in leadership, managing client relationships and relationship building, team performance and fostering business acumen. She has worked with engineering and accounting professionals as well as individual lawyers and law firms. Shirley Anne is the author of a report entitled ‘Women in Business’ and co-author of ‘Strategic Internal Communications: Boosting corporate culture, productivity and profitability,’ both of which were edited and published by The ARK Group (Australia and UK).

“Shirley Anne’s diversity of experience, not only professionally but also geographically, enriches her ability to work with our law-firm clients,” said Edge International co-founder Gerry Riskin. “We are very happy that she has joined our group.  I am confident that she will enhance Edge International in many meaningful and distinctive ways.”