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Leadership Links with Partner Performance and Profit Sharing

Partners in law firms are not easy to lead. They may be content to transfer a great many management and administrative tasks to a management team, but there is a raft of sensitive subjects which remains close to their hearts. In these areas, they often consider intervention by professional managers to be unwarranted interference. Additionally, […]

The Power of Perceptions

Relationships with senior colleagues directly affect the career of new partners (and perhaps not-so-new). How do you gain credibility with those extremely bright but highly critical and analytical seniors who will watch your every step–noticing the negative more than the positive? This article explores how to measure up… If you are a young lawyer working […]

Peak Performance

It’s not only about the money… In working with hundreds of professional services firms over the last fifteen years all over the world, we have had the privilege of making a few observations that may be of value to you, especially if compensation issues are chronic in your firm. If your firm is experiencing chronic […]

Avoiding Pitfalls in the Practice Group Structure

The popularity of the practice group — an entity within the firm dedicated to practicing a specific kind of law, or serving a specific industry — seems well grounded, in that it offers a number of advantages to managing a practice and its services. But with all its advantages, there exists an easy propensity to […]

Mastering New Skills

Congratulations! You have been admitted to partnership. This is an exciting transition in the life of a dedicated lawyer, with expectations of additional income and greater prestige within and outside the profession. But as soon as you’ve finished celebrating, you need to turn to the new burdens that have been placed upon your shoulders: the […]

Lateral Partner Integration: Beyond the Book of Business

The most-discussed and most-measured aspect of moving a lateral partner to your firm is that lawyer’s book of business. It dominates the recruitment discussion, the initial client transitions and the financial measures in the first 6-18 months. Can we get from the promises of the recruiting phase to the reality of a “better than average […]