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The Professional’s Mindset and the Slight Edge Theory

Many good professionals think that the extraordinary achievers–the professionals we all look up to, the exemplary practices–many people think that those people are twice as good or three times as good as the rest will ever be or can ever be. That is wrong. That is nonsense. The very best in the profession are only […]

Future Trends in Marketing for Professional Service Firms: An Interview with Gerry Riskin

Marketing ideas are the toughest things in the world to breathe life into, and real advice — information based on experience and knowledge that is really outside the scope of what most professionals within the firm would otherwise be aware of — sometimes seems hard to come by. Gerry Riskin is interviewed here by Capstone […]

Retirement Equity – Succession and Ownership In Law Firms

In the last thirty years, many firms have substantially grown or developed on the back of the efforts of one or more highly driven entrepreneurial partners, some of whom are now approaching retirement. These partners have enjoyed income rewards but it is understandably hard for them to contemplate having to hand over their firm as […]

Why The Best Managing Partners Need Coaches

The best managing partners are talented, accomplished lawyers who command the respect of their peers and want their firms and their people to succeed. It seems counter-intuitive that they would need a coach. However, there are extraordinary benefits, both personally and professionally, to be reaped from a good coaching experience — and the better the […]

Partner Roles and Responsibilities

This posting sets out to introduce some suggested methodologies for a firm to follow in order first to clarify what the firm expects of its partners and then to define what roles and responsibilities it needs them to perform.  Partners equally need to be clear how they are to discharge their various roles as owners, […]