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Managing the self-limiting lawyer: New perspectives on professional development

By Doug Richardson

By Douglas Richardson Perfectionist lawyers who crave unblemished success and endless positive reinforcement are likely never to reach […]

Fall 2011 – Edge International Review

By Gerry Riskin

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Leading @ Edge

By Gerry Riskin

Twenty-eight years ago, when I co-founded “The Edge Group,” (now Edge International), I could not have hoped for […]

Capital FabricTM: The key to your firm’s long-term success

By Gerry Riskin

What constitutes the underlying, unifying essence of your firm, the thing that defines your identity and sets you […]

The talent portfolio: New options for where, how and by whom your work is done

By Gerry Riskin

The old “talent wars” were fought over top law students or laterals with big books of business. Tomorrow’s […]

Power tools for general counsel: Creating RFPs that really deliver the goods

By Gerry Riskin

Exponential expansion in the use of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) has placed a powerful tool in the hands […]

The Edge Roundtable: Global trends in 2011-12

By Gerry Riskin

In each issue of the Edge International Review, we pose a “big picture” question of significance to our […]

What is the optimum size for a law firm?

By Gerry Riskin

Conventional wisdom says that a firm needs at least 100 lawyers to be taken seriously in the marketplace. […]

Why the best managing partners need coaches

By Gerry Riskin

The best managing partners are talented, accomplished lawyers who command the respect of their peers and want their […]

Ten steps to trust: why it matters and how lawyers can achieve it

By Gerry Riskin

Lawyers are notoriously slow to trust. But in law’s “new normal” that demands collabo- ration, trust problems become […]