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Spring 2012 – Edge International Review

By Gerry Riskin

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The emerging new capitals of law

By Gerry Riskin

By Chris Bull and Jordan Furlong New York, London and Hong Kong may vie for the title of […]

Control or Consensus

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr Every law firm starts life with a flurry of entrepreneurial adolescence and adulthood, the unmet […]

Low leverage: A low road to ruin for law firms?

By Sean Larkan

By Sean Larkan A truly worrisome trend is spreading from American law firms throughout the world: institutionalized low […]

Staying power: A legal project management update

By Pamela Woldow

By Pamela H. Woldow Legal project management has been an unqualified success for many major law firms that […]

The next generation of legal project managers

By David Cruickshank

By David Cruickshank The apprenticeship model for training new lawyers simply isn’t adequate for legal project management skills, […]

Creating a “Communication Engine” through Legal Project Management

By Gerry Riskin

By Douglas B. Richardson & Pamela H. Woldow Communication lapses are far more than simple misunderstandings or irritations: […]

What reputation really means (Hint: It’s not brand)

By Ed Wesemann

By Ed Wesemann Law firms rise and fall on their reputation, both among clients and competitors. But what […]

Don’t touch that compensation system (yet)!

By Gerry Riskin

By Gerry Riskin Law firms struggling with partner compensation — which is to say, almost all firms — […]

7 business development tactics in a down economy

By Gerry Riskin

By Jordan Furlong and Gerry Riskin The global economy is in rough shape and will get worse before […]