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Navigating the Perfect Storm: Strategic options for law firms in challenging times

By Gerry Riskin

By Tony Bash An unprecedented convergence of external and internal forces is generating gale-force winds of change in […]

Current & future trends in the Indian legal services marketplace

By Bithika Anand

By BIthika Anand A flourishing legal industry is growing in lockstep with one of the world’s most dynamic […]

Defusing the bomb: Dealing with difficult partners

By Gerry Riskin

By Gerry Riskin Almost every firm has experienced it: the powerful partner with the toxic personality whose behavior […]

The Edge Roundtable: What keeps you up at night?

By Gerry Riskin

In each issue of the Edge International Review, we pose a “big picture” question of significance to our […]

Stress-testing your strategy: A road map to strategic implementation

By Sean Larkan

By Sean Larkan Many law firms seem content to let sleeping strategies lie: once drawn up, the strategies […]

Business planning for practice groups and individuals

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr Surveys and studies show a link between planning and performance: even brief, informal and straightforward […]

Aligning capability and practice: Are your lawyers punching below their weight?

By Ed Wesemann

By Ed Wesemann The twin recessions of the past decade have left many large law firms seriously misaligned […]

Breaking Out: New applications and horizons for legal project management (LPM)

By Pamela Woldow

By Pamela H. Woldow As the LPM wave continues to rise upward through the legal profession, a small […]

Think and Do: The battle between autonomy and collaboration

By Doug Richardson

By Douglas B. Richardson, Certified Master Coach The complex interdependencies of today’s legal world reward team collaboration as […]

The business, professional and human case for law firm diversity

By Jordan Furlong

By Jordan Furlong In the wake of the recession, law firm diversity numbers that had begun to inch […]