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Associate Dissatisfaction: The Chance that Clifford Took

By Edge International

by Gerald Riskin On October 15, 2002, associates in the New York City office of Clifford Chance responded […]

The Leading Question of Learning.

By Gerry Riskin

Many people seem to think that skills such as management and leadership cannot be learned; you are either […]

Intelligent Design for Law Firms

By Gerry Riskin

by Gerry Riskin, Edge International In a recent issue of Fast Company, an article entitled “The Interpreter” starts […]

The Management Imperative

By Gerry Riskin

by Gerry Riskin A leader can be forgiven for doing the wrong thing on occasion but what about […]

Mind Your Own Business! Manage Your Law Practice Like a Corporation

By Gerry Riskin

by Gerry Riskin There is only one line that stands between you and phenomenal success — it separates […]

Stealth Discrimination: A model for choosing and managing your leaders

By Gerry Riskin

If you find yourself responsible for the leadership of a law firm of a significant size, then you […]

Let’s Get Together

By Gerry Riskin

by Gerry Riskin Person-to-person is still the best way to communicate with colleagues and clients. This article explores […]

The Power of Perceptions

By Gerry Riskin

by Gerry Riskin Relationships with senior colleagues directly affect the career of new partners (and perhaps not-so-new). How […]

Knowledge Plus Skill Does Not Equal Will

By Gerry Riskin

by Gerry Riskin Professionals who are used to assimilating huge amounts of information very rapidly sometimes do not […]

A Cautionary Tale: Broken Glass

By Gerry Riskin

by Gerry Riskin Once upon a time there was a practice group that thought it was special. It […]