James Patrick Guy II, Partner at Williams Mullin

"Gerry, thanks so much for all your help, encouragement and friendship. Couldn't have gotten here without your coaching and support."

Michael D. Ehrenstein, Trial Attorney

"Gerry, your “plan document” is a simple yet powerful tool to organize and track what we must do to improve. I have used lists (and lists of lists)—but never did they generate the traction your document produces. I am grateful for this gift from you."

The Times of London

"Edge International is likely to be one of the strongest boutique management consultancies in the legal world."

OF COUNSEL, The Legal Practice and Management Report – Volume 21. Number 7

"One of the most respected consultancies in the industry."

OF COUNSEL, The Legal Practice and Management Report – Volume 21. Number 12

"When asked to name the consultants that they had used most often, managing partners cited Edge International as one of the Top Three most popular firms."

Chief Operating Officer, US-based professional service firm with 29 offices

"We invited a number of selected firms to propose on assisting us with our strategic planning. Initially we received 4 proposal, from Hildebrandt, McKinsey, Edge International, and The Zeughauser Group. We had a late entrant, from the Gallup Organization. At the end of the day, Edge presented the most compelling case for our selection. We think they are the hands down best choice because they have the insight, experience, and process to best support our efforts. Their clients have all confirmed that they bring considerable skill and experience to the event, think differently than other consultants, are very intuitive and adaptable, run good process, are very proactive, don't tell you what they think you want to hear, and deliver on their promises."

Acknowledgments, Client at the Core: Marketing and Managing Today’s Professional Services Firm, Aquila and Marcus Wiley

"Edge International is undoubtedly the leading law and professional firm marketing and consulting firm in the world."

Patrick J. Lamb, Founder of The Valorem Law Group and Author of In Search of Perfect Client Service

"If you care about your firm, if your firm cares about its clients, if you want to be a success in the world of professional service firms, the people from Edge are people you must listen to. Their global perspective, experience, knowledge and common sense put them in a unique position to walk into a room of the most skeptical of lawyers and command attention and respect before saying the first word. Truly exceptional talent in a truly exceptional organization."

A highly prestigious law firm of India

"Edge has some of the world's best law firms as its clients. [Edge Partners] are phenomenal to speak with and bring to bear enormous capacities and high levels of maturity to their assignments."

A very popular and renowned LPO in India

"Edge India is a dedicated service provider. They strive to learn while educating. Best practice! They are personable, on time and high on integrity."

A Leading Indian Law Firm

"Edge is fast creating a niche for excellence. It does a good job of identifying business strategies and provides the required assistance to set goals/targets for building reputation and growing client relationships."

One of India’s top 3 Financial Boutique Law Firm

"You can always expect a sincere and impartial view from Edge International. They help us in evaluating on a long term basis opportunities in raising the Firm's profile in the legal sector thus making it easier for our Firm to sketch a plan as to what needs to be done next."

Financial Post

"...the well–regarded and exceptionally talented, global advisory firm, Edge International giving strategic and tactical advice to law firms in this era of massive upheaval."