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5 Key Observations on Law’s Tectonic Shifts

Firms ignore these significant changes to the law-practice environment at their own risk.

Any development that changes the rules and renders present practices obsolete is called a “destructive trend,” that is, something that utterly destroys the present way we think and do things, something that threatens to quickly alter the status quo. Over and again in our recent consulting engagements — particularly with large firms, where trends tend to start — we’re seeing signals that the legal profession is caught in the confluence of destructive trends:

We are convinced that the changes we’re seeing really are harbingers of inexorable and large scale destructive trends. Yet, we frequently are likened to Chicken Little in our efforts to awaken a sleepy profession to the trends that are fundamentally transforming its topography and economics. We get pushback from lawyers complacently ignoring temblors and tectonic rumblings (“Well, we had quite a nice 2013, thank you very much”). Perhaps the profession’s impending paradigm shifts have not yet hit these nay-sayers full force, but the signals are clear. Okay, maybe the sky isn’t falling, but no doubt about it: the ground certainly is shifting.