Edge International’s consultants include Certified Master Coaches (CMCs) experienced in providing coaching to individuals to support a variety of objectives:

  • Leadership development
  • Development of high-potential talent
  • Assimilation and on-boarding of lateral hires
  • Increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Career planning and management
  • Interaction with particular constituencies or individuals
  • Top team development
  • Business development and client relations skills

Coaching programs can vary in length from several weeks to approximately a year, depending on the urgency or breadth of the coaching need. Edge coaching is an intensely personal and confidential process custom-tailored to each individual’s needs. Although each program is unique, coaching that generally progresses through a consistent sequence of activity:

  • Meeting with the coaching client to establish coaching objectives/priorities
  • Assessment (see descriptions in previous section)
  • Developing an Individual Action Plan (IDP) with behavioral objectives
  • A series of “coaching-to-plan” sessions (in-person or by telephone)
  • Creation of post-coaching action steps

Topics frequently addressed in professional development coaching include:

  • Interpersonal effectiveness and leadership style
  • Emotional intelligence, self-awareness and social skills
  • Situation analysis, problem/potential problem analysis
  • Self-presentation
  • Change management
  • Career progression and succession planning
  • Dealing with “political” issues or conflict with individuals or groups
  • Effective group/team management
  • Diversity

Coaching activity generally is confidential, although the Individual Development Plans can spell out support resources from the firm or legal department who contribute to professional development objective-setting and progress feedback.