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Sean Larkan BA LLB MBA MPh is a widely recognised management consultant and strategic adviser to professional service organisations and a long-standing Principal of Edge International. He works closely with high-level leadership and management teams to build fundamental strength, confidence and well-being for his clients.

He is a legal and management graduate at post-graduate level and practiced as a commercial and tax lawyer before moving into large firm leadership roles. From a young age he was in Managing Partner and CEO roles for large corporate law firms in Australia and South Africa and New Zealand. He moved into full time advisory work in 2006.

Sean helps clients ensure all important fundamental building blocks (for instance around governance, people, leadership, core purpose, structuring and brand) are in order, and become part of the fabric of their organisation. He then assists leadership to develop relevant strategies and implement them to achieve actual results around growth, dominance and strategic market positions. This often involves developing support strategies around people, finance, brand and client positioning as well as aligning and stress-testing strategy.

He facilitates new and innovative ways of getting things done which yield results. Most of these approaches are practical, simple to understand (and therefore quickly get traction and are implemented) and create unique differentiation. Some examples include his ‘Responsible Partner®’; Brand Fusion™, Business Building Culture™, Partner Snapshot™ and Capital Fabric™ programs and philosophies.

Sean is an experienced conference and retreat presenter and facilitator. As an Accredited Practitioner of Human Synergistics International (www.human-synergistics.com.au ) and a certified Master Coach he is able to bring the benefits of these learnings and experience to assignments. This runs into leader, group and organisational behavioural and cultural diagnostics and coaching and is sometimes a critical adjunct to strategy implementation. He has a keen interest in ensuring firms realise and understand one of their most under-recognised and utilised assets, namely their brands (organisational, individual and employment brands) and authored the specialist book Brand Strategy & Management for Law firms.

He lives on the east coast of Australia with wife Sharon, where they are often joined by their three adult children, who share their passion for the outdoors.