• Edge International Communiqué June 2018

    Edge International Global Survey of Partner Compensation, by Nick Jarrett-Kerr

    Associate Advancement and Client Dissatisfaction, by David Cruickshank

    Do Financial Incentives Work in Law Firms?, by Neil Oakes

    Retirement Benefits – Does your Firm Provide a Nest Egg?, by Nick Jarrett-Kerr

    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Privacy Protection for EU Citizens, by Gerry Riskin

  • Edge International Communiqué May 2018

    Law firm brand success calls for leadership, education and structure!, by Sean Larkan

    What is Legal Value?, by Aileen Leventon

    Slicing and Dicing Survey Results with Demographics, by Gerry Riskin

  • Edge International Communiqué April 2018

    Driving Growth and Sustenance in Competitive Economies, by Bithika Anand

    Merger Fever in the Air, by Sam Coupland

    Playbooks Aren’t Just for Coaches!, by Mike White

  • Edge International Communiqué March 2018

    Lateral Hires and the “Slam Dunk” Myth, by Nick Jarrett-Kerr

    Some Learning for New Partners – Beyond the Obvious, by Neil Oakes

    Star Watching, by David Cruickshank

    Workshop: The Innovative Client Experience that Creates Value for You and Your Clients, by Aileen Leventon

  • Edge International Communiqué February 2018

    After-Action Reviews: The value of taking stock, by Aileen Leventon

    Gerry Riskin’s Immutable Laws of Law Firm Success, by Gerry Riskin

    Getting the job done: Some practical examples, by Sean Larkan

  • Edge International Communiqué January 2018

    Digitalization of Indian Legal Industry and Its Trends, by Bithika Anand

    2018 – Australian and New Zealand Legal Profession Outlook, by Sam Coupland

    Individual Lawyers Attract New Clients, But So Can Law Firms, by Mike White