• Edge International Communiqué March 2020

    A Simple Governance Framework for Small to Mid-Sized Law Firms, by Sean Larkan

    Why Taking a Broad Approach Drives Optimal Performance, by Leon Sacks

    Some Thoughts on Cost of Production, by Neil Oakes

  • Edge International Communiqué February 2020

    Time-Sensitive Heads-Up re: SERIOUS CYBER THREAT, by Gerry Riskin

    Governance in a Law Firm: Poisoned Chalice or Opportunity?, by Yarman J Vachha

    The Focus Challenge – Part 3: Your Family, by Gerry Riskin

    Setting, Measuring and Coaching High Performance, by Sam Coupland

  • Edge International Communiqué January 2020

    Law Firm Leadership: Consensus or Command?, by David Cruickshank

    Avoiding Law-Firm Armageddon: How a Major Law Firm Nearly Imploded… and How the Conflict Was Resolved, by Jonathan Middleburgh

    What Does It Take to Be a Thought Leader?, by Bithika Anand