• Edge International Communiqué September 2019

    Ikigai: Some Personal Reflections on Raison d Être and Purpose in Professional Firms, by Nick Jarrett-Kerr

    Zero-Based Budgeting in the Legal Profession, by Yarman J Vachha

    Leadership and Risk-Taking, by David Cruickshank

  • Edge International Communiqué August 2019

    The Focus Challenge – Part I: Your Practice, by Gerry Riskin

    Client Relationship Reviews, by Leon Sacks

    Splitting the Pie: Some Thoughts on Profit-sharing among Partners, by Neil Oakes

    Jonathan Middleburgh and Leon Sacks Join Edge International, by Edge International

  • Edge International Communiqué July 2019

    Simplicity, by Sean Larkan

    A Tale of Two Sales, by Sam Coupland

    Building a Unitary Merged Firm: Dynamic Teaming & Abe Maslow!, by Mike White

  • Edge International Communiqué June 2019

    Operational Reviews in Law and Professional Services Firms, by Yarman J Vachha

    Building and Leveraging Relationships: The True Essence of Business Development, by Bithika Anand

    Compensation Factors and the Three-Point Shot, by David Cruickshank

  • Edge International Communiqué May 2019

    Knowing the Enemy – and Setting up Battle Lines, by Nick Jarrett-Kerr

    Equity: From Goodwill to No Goodwill, by Sam Coupland

    Sharing Profit and Millennial Partners, by Neil Oakes

  • Edge International Communiqué April 2019

    Legal Project Management: If your Client Is Interested, Shouldn’t You Be Too?, by Aileen Leventon

    Online Reputation Management for Professionals and Their Organisations, by Sean Larkan

    Cultivating Connectors from a “Standing Start”, by Mike White

  • Edge International Communiqué March 2019

    Risk Insurance for Laterals, by David Cruickshank

    Storytelling Is an Effective Communication Strategy, by Bithika Anand

    QNBT: Extracting Real Value from Non-Billable Time, by Gerry Riskin

  • Edge International Communiqué February 2019

    The Death of Deference, by Nick Jarrett-Kerr

    Sell the “Whole” Legal Product, by Mike White

    Planning for the New Year: An Approach for Small Firms, by Neil Oakes

  • Edge International Communiqué January 2019

    Partners in Conflict, by David Cruickshank

    Why Operational Reviews in Law Firms Are a Must, by Yarman J Vachha

    The Power of “How”, by Gerry Riskin