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Planning a Law Firm Retreat: Part I

By Gerry Riskin

The rapid growth of law firms in the past decade has created some new and unique management difficulties. […]

Planning a Law Firm Retreat: Part II

By Gerry Riskin

Expanded Annual Meeting Many firm’s partnership agreements require an annual meeting for the election of member of management, […]

Mount Everest Syndrome

By Gerry Riskin

by Gerry Riskin End the cycle of making big plans for nonbillable project…and accomplishing nothing. Here we offer […]

Utilizing Summit Meetings for Integration: An Interview with Don Boyd

By Gerry Riskin

Don Boyd is the Executive Chairman of the Australian-based group of worldwide Deacons offices. Don instituted four days […]

Associate Dissatisfaction: The Chance that Clifford Took

By Edge International

by Gerald Riskin On October 15, 2002, associates in the New York City office of Clifford Chance responded […]

The Leading Question of Learning.

By Gerry Riskin

Many people seem to think that skills such as management and leadership cannot be learned; you are either […]