Leadership and Partner Performance

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5 Pressing Priorities for Professional Providers (This is more than just another PR exercise)

By Jordan Furlong

If you like lists and you love alliteration, then you’re probably a legal management consultant. It seems that […]

Stop Making Partners

By Gerry Riskin

Four questions to ask yourself before conferring equity partner status on anyone else. My colleague Ed Wesemann recently […]

Looking in the Mirror

By Gerry Riskin

Law-firm leaders must learn how to assess their firms objectively in order to effectively guide them into the […]

Mastering New Skills

By Gerry Riskin

by Gerry Riskin Congratulations! You have been admitted to partnership. This is an exciting transition in the life […]

The Black Hole of Branding

By Gerry Riskin

by Gerry Riskin Fast forwarding through fads from Steven Brill’s adaptation of Tom Peter’s In Search of Excellence […]

The Professional’s Mindset and the Slight Edge Theory

By Gerry Riskin

by Gerry Riskin Many good professionals think that the extraordinary achievers–the professionals we all look up to, the […]

Legendary Service for Your Clients

By Gerry Riskin

by Gerry Riskin How can you become an indispensable source of value to your clients? Here’s a simple […]

Future Trends in Marketing for Professional Service Firms: An Interview with Gerry Riskin

By Gerry Riskin

Marketing ideas are the toughest things in the world to breathe life into, and real advice — information […]