Leadership and Partner Performance

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Three things about special law firm leaders

By Sean Larkan

With two upcoming talks on leadership development to deliver over the next few months to groups of lawyers, […]

Matching Authority and Responsibility

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr

Many law firms remain acutely political organizations with much of the firm’s decision-making having to run the gamut […]

Succession Doesn’t Just Happen

By Mike White

“We need a succession plan. My partners and I formed this firm thirty years ago. We started with […]

Does “The Vision Thing” Work?

By David Cruickshank

From the March 2013 Issue of Edge International Communiqué Specific behaviors by leaders can contribute to the success […]

The New Direction of Law Firm Leadership

By Ed Wesemann

There is no law firm management topic about which more has been written than Leadership. The presumption at […]

Getting Partner Performance on Track

By David Cruickshank

At a recent summit meeting of U.S. practice group leaders in a global firm, I had the opportunity […]

Lifelines for Partners with Dying Practices

By Mike White

Most all attorneys at one point or another in their careers come to view their particular practice area […]

Law Firm Innovation and the Bad Bank

By Jordan Furlong

I’m starting to see more large law firms seriously consider, or actually create, the role of “Chief Innovation […]

Improving Client Relationships

By David Cruickshank

TO: Relationship Partners ∙ FROM: Managing Partner ∙ I am concerned that we are not doing enough to […]

Entrepreneurship is at the Heart of Good Governance

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr

In the last couple of years I have been honoured to advise nearly a dozen clients on complex […]