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Knowledge Plus Skill Does Not Equal Will

By Gerry Riskin

by Gerry Riskin Professionals who are used to assimilating huge amounts of information very rapidly sometimes do not […]

A Cautionary Tale: Broken Glass

By Gerry Riskin

by Gerry Riskin Once upon a time there was a practice group that thought it was special. It […]

Peak Performance

By Gerry Riskin

by Gerry Riskin It’s not only about the money… In working with hundreds of professional services firms over […]

Be a Cheerleader for Downsizing

By Gerry Riskin

by David H. Maister To reach their potential in productivity and profitability, greater numbers of firms than ever […]

Avoiding Pitfalls in the Practice Group Structure

By Gerry Riskin

The popularity of the practice group — an entity within the firm dedicated to practicing a specific kind […]