Crisis Management & Business Continuity Planning

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The Art of Maintaining Client Relationships During Times of Crisis

By Bithika Anand

The upheavals caused by this pandemic present a unique opportunity for lawyers to genuinely connect with clients and colleagues.

Law Firm Resilience in a Crisis: Part Four – People Resilience

By Edge International

Periods of crisis, with sudden disruption to normal working life, create massive potential obstacles to engaging and supporting your people. This requires firms to make some rapid changes.

Law Firm Resilience in a Crisis: Part Three – Commercial and Client Resilience

By Edge International

How you work and communicate with clients in times of crisis is the ultimate test of both your firm’s immediate adaptability and its long-term resilience.

Law Firm Resilience in a Crisis: Part Two – Operational Resilience

By Edge International

Smarter, faster responses are essential to operating during a crisis, as is restructuring to compete in the new market reality.

Law Firm Resilience in a Crisis: Part One – Financial Resilience

By Edge International

In times of crisis, financial decisions need to be made quickly – but they need to be made in context and in line with a clear strategy and direction.