Client Relationships

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Five Things Lawyers Hate to Hear Clients Say

By Gerry Riskin

In situations involving you and your client, the adversarial system is your worst enemy. The only win is […]

The Four Cardinal Virtues of Law Firm Culture

By Jordan Furlong

Law firm “culture” isn’t that hard to define. Culture is what people at the law firm actually do […]

Hunting in Packs: Group Meetings with Prospective Clients

By Gerry Riskin

If you have decided it will be advantageous for you to visit prospective clients as a pair or […]

Five Signs of “One Firm Thinking”

By David Cruickshank

Managing partners sometimes complain to me about the lack of collaboration and teamwork in their firms. Then they […]

Tall Poppy Syndrome and Origination Credit

By Ed Wesemann

Law firms talk a good game about sophisticated management but often, just when a firm reaches the verge […]

Closing Strategies: When Prospects Are Ready to Buy

By Mike White

“I’ve spent 18 months cultivating a relationship with an in-house litigation manager who says all of the right […]

A Business Development Reality Check

By Gerry Riskin

Remember when things were busy and prosperous, and meeting a prospective client was a joy? There was a […]

Client CLE Courses: Risk or Reward?

By David Cruickshank

A common marketing tool to increase work from existing clients is the offer of a free continuing legal […]

Strategic Pricing: Creating Conditions to Succeed

By Pamela Woldow

The difference between pricing legal work the way law firms have always done it and strategic pricing is […]

Client Seminars: How to Engage your Guests

By John Plank

There are three distinct groups of guests coming to your next seminar: Learners, Vacationers and Hostages. How can […]