Client Relationships

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Some Learning for New Partners – Beyond the Obvious

By Neil Oakes

I have just spent the weekend with a smallish firm about to introduce three new partners. These people […]

After-Action Reviews: The value of taking stock

By Aileen Leventon

Client reviews of their law firms may be conducted annually, ad hoc, or when a contract for a […]

Business Development: An Introduction to the 2-4-8 Model, Revenue Gaps, and the Relationship Bell Curve

By Shirley Anne Fortina

The 2-4-8 Model This model compares revenue against time allocation, helping us to make informed decisions around clients, […]

Don’t Manage Expectations. Modify Expectations

By Gerry Riskin

The conventional wisdom about “managing expectations” is that you should determine what someone’s expectations are, and then surpass […]

Build Conversational Momentum to Set the Table for the Pitch

By Mike White

To their credit, lawyers are results-oriented professionals. When we practice our craft, we think in terms of objectives, […]

In Memory of John Plank

By Gerry Riskin

It is with great sadness that I must report that on October 19, 2016, our colleague John Stewart […]

Business Development: Strategic Client Relationship Management

By Shirley Anne Fortina

Remember the old adage “The Client is King”? Put more baldly, the reason your business remains in existence is […]

Trade Associations, Conferences, and Events: Creating Warmth and “Reach” Out of Thin Air

By Mike White

“Oh, how I hate cocktail receptions . . .” “If my practice group leader berates me about attending […]

Know Your Buyer, Know Client’s Internal Clients

By Mike White

At the risk of expressing pablum, KNOW YOUR BUYERS! More importantly, KNOW THE INTERNAL CLIENTS OF YOUR BUYERS! […]

Charisma: The Quintessential Leadership Skill

By John Plank

Charisma separates great leaders from good ones Defining charisma What is it that enables leaders to establish an […]