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Preparing for an Unpredictable Future: Scenario Planning Tips

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr

It hardly needs saying that the future is difficult or impossible to predict. Law firm pessimists often indulge […]

Successful Strategy: The Essential Supporting Acts (Part Two)

By Sean Larkan

  In Part One of this article, I focused on some important pre-strategy initiatives which should be tackled […]

The Tall Poppy Syndrome and Origination Credit

By Ed Wesemann

Law firms talk a good game about sophisticated management but often, just when a firm reaches the verge […]

Law Firm Innovation and the Bad Bank

By Jordan Furlong

I’m starting to see more large law firms seriously consider, or actually create, the role of “Chief Innovation […]

Successful Strategy: The Essential Supporting Acts (Part One)

By Sean Larkan

Behind successful firms is some form of successfully executed strategy. It can be short, punchy, even informal and, […]

Should Lawyers Retire?

By Bithika Anand

When the managing partner of a law firm was asked about what he feels regarding the retirement age […]

Foreign Law Firms and the Indian Legal Market

By Bithika Anand

The topic of liberalization of the Indian legal profession has once again gained steam to become a hot […]

Is It Time to Abandon Your Firm’s Business Model?

By Ed Wesemann

“Big Law is dying” That’s the theme of thousands of articles and blog posts that show up on […]

Embracing the Product Imperative

By Gerry Riskin

Why and how law firms can and should consider the “product” approach. How often do we hear commands […]

Choosing Industry Leaders

By Gerry Riskin

Choosing and supporting an industry group leader requires care and attention Organic familiarity with the industry Whether as […]