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The Cuban Boy & IP Boutique

By Gerry Riskin | Feb 5, 2007

by Gerald A. Riskin Some years ago now, a little Cuban boy in Florida was ordered returned to […]

Addressing Structural Complexities

By Gerry Riskin | Jan 20, 2007

by David H. Maister and Patrick J. McKenna Large law firms today are structurally complex organizations with management […]

Latest Market Research 2007 marks Edge’s 25th year Serving law firms internationally

By Gerry Riskin | Jan 10, 2007

In discussing internally, what we might do to celebrate this event, we were reminded of a market survey […]

What’s on Managing Partner Agendas in 2007?

By Gerry Riskin | Jan 5, 2007

We recently asked 100 managing partners to address their mind to one question: What forces, already at work […]

Winter 2007 – Edge International Review

By Gerry Riskin | Jan 1, 2007

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Managing the Law Firm’s Balance Sheet for Future Profit

By Gerry Riskin | Nov 10, 2006

Most law firms are run by the numbers: This year’s numbers. Afterall, “At the end of the year, […]

Strategic Options for Commodity Practices

By Gerry Riskin | Nov 5, 2006

In response to the reduction of corporate transactional work available to law firms during the early 2000s, a […]

Managing Financial Performance in Law Firms

By Gerry Riskin | Oct 23, 2006

Many partners are as uninterested in the day-to-day management of their firm as they are unwilling to be […]

Dealing with Blind Spots

By Gerry Riskin | Oct 10, 2006

Strategic industry and competitive analysis models rely on rational and objective behavior. They almost completely ignore the mental […]

Compelling Testimonials

By Gerry Riskin | Oct 5, 2006

It’s hard to deny: clients today are particularly skeptical. So, one of the most difficult challenges that each […]