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Strategy Day

By David Cruickshank | Sep 22, 2018

Like any well-managed law firm, you have a strategy. It was written after a lengthy process, perhaps assisted […]

Managing and Growing a Law Firm, Part 3

By Yarman J Vachha | Aug 26, 2018

In this final article in the series of three, I highlight the legal scene in Asia, the changes […]

One of the Most Important Discussions Law Firm Leaders Will Have: Welcoming New Associates or Graduate Lawyers to the Firm

By Sean Larkan | Aug 26, 2018

New associates or graduate lawyers follow a long and mostly arduous path through the university and local law […]

World’s Wealthiest Man, Jeff Bezos, Says Customers Today Are “Divinely Discontent”

By Gerry Riskin | Aug 26, 2018

I read with great interest Jeff Bezos’s 2017 letter to Amazon shareholders. I believe we can learn a […]

September 19-21 2018: Gerry Riskin — World Services Group (WSG) — The Law Firm Relevancy Checklist for 2020-Nassau, Bahamas

By Gerry Riskin | Apr 3, 2018

The WSG 2018 Annual Meeting with host firm Graham Thompson will take place in Nassau, Bahamas on 19 […]

October 18th and 19th, 2018: Gerry Riskin-Where East Meets West- Interlex-Seoul, South Korea

By Gerry Riskin | Jul 26, 2018

October 27th, 2018-David Cruickshank-Speaking: Navigating and Reforming Your Compensation System. LEGUS is an international law firm network. LEGUS Fall Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri, USA

By David Cruickshank | Aug 9, 2018

2018 – Australian and New Zealand Legal Profession Outlook

By Sam Coupland | Dec 25, 2017

One of the benefits of writing an article at the end of the year is the opportunity to […]

FREE EDGE WEBINAR — Featuring Aileen Leventon and Michael White — Innovation in Client Service: The Signature Experience — “CLICK HERE” to watch on the Edge International YouTube channel

By Aileen Leventon | Apr 25, 2018

Managing and Growing a Law Firm: Part 2 of 3

By Yarman J Vachha | Aug 7, 2018

In this series of three articles, I highlight the legal scene in Asia, the changes to the legal industry, […]