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2020 Partner Compensation Survey

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr | Feb 8, 2020

(Thank you to those who participated in this confidential survey into effective partner reviews, rewarding outlier performance and other important topics.)

Time-Sensitive Heads-Up re: SERIOUS CYBER THREAT

By Gerry Riskin | Feb 2, 2020

Here is a checklist of recommended actions for your firm to take right now to avoid or manage a ransomware attack.

Setting, Measuring and Coaching High Performance

By Sam Coupland | Feb 1, 2020

Few firms set out what they see as acceptable (or high) performance levels, much less holding their people accountable to reach these levels.

Governance in a Law Firm: Poisoned Chalice or Opportunity?

By Yarman J Vachha | Feb 1, 2020

The time spent by lawyers inefficiently muddling through operational functions detracts from their fee-earning work, which adds much more to the bottom line.

The Focus Challenge – Part 3: Your Family

By Gerry Riskin | Jan 30, 2020

Obviously, giving zero percent attention to the family is neither healthy nor sustainable, but I suspect it happens more often than we’d like to believe.

Avoiding Law-Firm Armageddon: How a Major Law Firm Nearly Imploded… and How the Conflict Was Resolved

By Jonathan Middleburgh | Jan 1, 2020

Senior-level conflict can threaten the very existence of a law firm. Mediation is one tool to address such conflicts: but the process is far from straightforward.

What Does It Take to Be a Thought Leader?

By Bithika Anand | Dec 31, 2019

Visionaries and those at the pinnacle of their professional journeys do not automatically become thought leaders: many other dimensions are involved.

Law Firm Leadership: Consensus or Command?

By David Cruickshank | Dec 26, 2019

Which leadership style is more effective: consensus or command? It depends on the circumstances and the individuals involved.

Realize Financial Goals by Leveraging the Finance Function

By Leon Sacks | Nov 28, 2019

Is it inconceivable that: one hour of each attorney’s weekly billable time cannot be billed; or markdowns of […]

Differentiation: The Whole Product

By Mike White | Nov 28, 2019

Either in the course of my “client experience innovation” work, or in helping groups of partners do a […]