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20 insights you need to run a law firm in the 2020s

By Chris Bull | Feb 3, 2021

Law firms operate in a digital and data age, but most remain ‘data right but insight poor’. By adopting a new, managed approach using the information-insight-impact model and starting with 20 business essential insights firms can begin to address this gap.

Integrating Strategic Planning and Strategy Execution

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr | Jan 27, 2021

Professional service firms are typically littered with uncompleted strategic projects, failed initiatives and strategic plans that have remained in a drawer (or a computer file) almost as soon as written. It has often been observed that professionals are better at ideas and planning than in putting those plans into reality by means of effective implementation. 

Partners: Escape Velocity Begins Now!

By Mike White | Jan 19, 2021

Well thankfully, it’s a new year! As you do all that you can to reach “escape velocity” and set the table for great things in Q3 and Q4, I caution my clients to make a psychological commitment to put things in motion now to create a rich set of opportunities later in the year.

From Partnership to Prosperity

By Gerry Riskin | Jan 13, 2021

Some new partners will deceive themselves into dismissing the importance of collateral skills on the grounds that the only issue for a good lawyer is technical expertise.I contend that such expertise is necessary but not sufficient. Those who ignore skills do so at their peril—and risk joining the under-appreciated, who mutter how unfair clients can be.

January 27-28, 2021: Nick Jarrett-Kerr, Ark Group’s Law Firm Compensation Strategy: A Virtual Think-Tank

By Edge International | Dec 3, 2020

Edge’s Nick Jarrett-Kerr will be among the presenters discussing how firms are adapting compensation and resource allocation strategies to meet a rapidly changing legal landscape.

Global Legal Remote Working Survey

By Jonathan Middleburgh | Dec 1, 2020

COVID-19 forced law firms almost overnight to adjust to their personnel working from home, regardless of how senior management felt about flexible working pre-pandemic. This survey explores a range of psychosocial and other factors relevant to prolonged working from home.

Talent Development:  Beyond the Assignment

By David Cruickshank | Nov 18, 2020

In BigLaw firms, or in any firm with multiple associates, an assignment of work by a partner or senior associate, is a signifier of many things.  To the management committee, it signifies leverage.


By Leon Sacks | Oct 28, 2020

Firms can easily lose the focus on integration, an intangible asset, while they are busy dealing with the tangible issues of day to day operations, developing business, serving clients and controlling finances. It is better to manage integration than recover from disintegration.

Partner Teams – the benefits, the challenges and why some partners don’t like them! (PART TWO)

By Sean Larkan | Oct 13, 2020

Too often, partners with specialties do not train successors in that area of work, do not introduce their clients to team lawyers in an organised, structured way and when they retire the ‘cupboard is often bare’ i.e. no real succession has been provided for in regard to skills transfer, personnel or key clients. Legal staff are left in a melting pot of uncertainty as to workflow, quality of work, coaching, feedback and whether an interest will be taken in them or their work and progression in the firm. This results in lowered self-esteem, potential is not realised and lower productivity and sometimes departure results.

Partner Teams – the benefits, the challenges and why some partners don’t like them! (PART ONE)

By Sean Larkan | Oct 5, 2020

The benefits of Partner teams within Law Firms, World-wide.