Edge International Communique’ June 2012


By Gerry Riskin | Jun 21, 2012

Edge International Global Partner Compensation Survey: For the third time, Edge International has surveyed the largest law firms in the world to understand how partner compensation systems are changing to meet economic challenges, non-equity partnerships and changing young partner expectations.

The Defence of Secretaries: Why short-term secretarial cutbacks can lead to long-term regrets, by Jordan Furlong

Well, Isn’t That Predictable? Whether planning to climb Mt. McKinley or to provide legal services to a client, assaying the possible and probable changes to a plan is key to success, by Pam Woldow

Translating Leadership Into Projects: Law firm managing partners are often frustrated by the slow pace of progress by fellow leaders toward business and strategic goals, by David Cruickshank

Salaried Partnerships: The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY, by Sean Larkan

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